Drive Me To Autumn's

I've always been vocal about how much I love looking for music or new artists. For those of you who ask me what I'm currently listening to, I put something together on 8tracks for the "Augtober Obsession" season we are now in called Drive Me To Autumn's (poem included). I sometimes joke about how boring I can be on a Friday night because all I want to do is sit at home and creep IndieShuffle or Rdio. So anyway, for the Fall season I made what I thought would be a good mix (some new, some old) to throw on for a long drive home, through plenty of country roads and changing leaves.

To highlight my top 3 favourites:
1. Hozier's "Take Me To Church" (international album release Oct 7th)
2. Lord Huron "She Lit a Fire" (particularly the bridge)
3. Wake Owl "Old Country"

I hope you'll listen with me too!